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Tourism has shown a dynamic growth every year. With its popularity and importance, many projects have been implemented around the world, attracting people's attention to sustainability in tourism policies. The dominant agenda on tourism development has moved its focus from 'how much developed' to 'how well developed', which called for concerted participation from both individuals and public and private sectors. CIFAL Jeju/JITC enables local governments and stakeholders to have a solid grasp of sustainable tourism by giving them opportunities to explore various elements of sustainable tourism such as environmental protection, economic growth and social inclusion. In particular, Cifal Jeju has expanded the scope of the workshop to include culture and art in the context of sustainable development.

No. Subject Name Date Hit
8 2018 Oct 17-20 Workshop on Fostering Global Citizenship for … Cifal Jeju 2019-03-27 717
7 2018 Sept 12-15 Cultural Tourism for Sustainable Cities in … Cifal Jeju 2019-03-27 694
6 2018 May 29-June 1 Cultural Development for Sustainable Isla… Cifal Jeju 2019-03-27 683
5 2018 Oct 3-5 ASEAN-Korea Tourism Development Workshop on Sus… Cifal Jeju 2019-03-27 682
4 2018 Nov 27-30 Eco-Innovation through Tourism Development in… Cifal Jeju 2019-03-27 673
3 2019 Mar 20-23 Ecotourism for a Sustainable Future of the As… Cifal Jeju 2019-06-14 595
2 2019 May 29- Jun 1 Role and Significance of Tourism Platform… Cifal Jeju 2019-06-14 587
1 2019 Jun 10-13 Culture and Tourism: Creating Culture and Tou… Cifal Jeju 2019-06-19 583


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