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As one of the critical dimensions of sustainable development, social development requires a more holistic, coherent and collaborative approach in designing and implementing national and local policies to make progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

CIFAL Jeju/JITC provides a variety of training programs to enhance capacity for national and local communities in the Asia-Pacific region to benefit from holistic and multi-disciplinary approaches available in such diverse areas as human trafficking, migration and refugees, urban poor, resilience and disaster risk reduction, making peaceful and inclusive societies, and so on.

[2021 April 27 & 29] Workshop on Social Protection Series II: Spotlight on Vulnerable Groups to Climate Risks 기사를 twitter로 보내기 기사를 facebook으로 보내기 2021.09.24


on Social Protection Series II: Spotlight on Vulnerable Groups to Climate Risks



18 & 20 May 2021, Jeju, Republic of Korea – UNITAR CIFAL Jeju organized an online workshop on “Social Protection Series II: Spotlight on Vulnerable Groups to Climate Risks” on 18 and 20 May using the online platform “Zoom”. The event invited 29 representatives mainly from the governmental sector along with NGOs and International Organizations. They came from 15 countries including: Indonesia, South Korea, Pakistan, Bhutan, Kenya, India, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Moroco, and Kazakhstan.


The event was composed of two online sessions: one with experts’ presentations and group discussion with submitted case studies (May 18), and the other one with case study presentations by group from participants and comments from experts (May 20). The invited experts were Ms. Bertha Wakisa Chiudza, Senior Officer of Climate Action and Inclusive Development at GGGI, Ms. Hang Thi Thanh Pham, Senior Resilience Officer at FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, and Mr. Jean-Louis Lambeau, Social Protection Specialist at International Labour Organization.


The experts talked about the nexus between climate change and poverty, incorporation of social protection programs into climate risk management, and climate-sensitive social protection policies from different perspectives. The participants were given an opportunity to have a group discussion for analyzing case studies. They identified what kind of climate vulnerability and risks are indicated in the cases and discussed what action needs to be taken for the resilient livelihood of the vulnerable to climate risks. For the second session, they presented the outcome of the group discussion, followed by some questions and the professional inputs from the experts. Based on this knowledge exchange, the participants designed individual action plans as the final assignment of the program.


As part of the workshop program for more active knowledge sharing from our end, a video footage has been produced and shared with the participants, which shows how Jeju has been responding to climate risks in the context of agriculture and implementing social protection programs for vulnerable groups. Also, CIFAL Jeju has made a follow-up report book which includes the participants' action plan in the infographic format and case study insights.


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