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As one of the critical dimensions of sustainable development, social development requires a more holistic, coherent and collaborative approach in designing and implementing national and local policies to make progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

CIFAL Jeju/JITC provides a variety of training programs to enhance capacity for national and local communities in the Asia-Pacific region to benefit from holistic and multi-disciplinary approaches available in such diverse areas as human trafficking, migration and refugees, urban poor, resilience and disaster risk reduction, making peaceful and inclusive societies, and so on.

[2018 July 31-August 3] Developing Capacities on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in the Asia-Pacific Region 기사를 twitter로 보내기 기사를 facebook으로 보내기 2018.08.27

Developing Capacities on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia-Pacific

Group photo31 July - 3 August 2018, Jeju, Republic of Korea – UNITAR’s affiliated International Training Centre for Authorities in Leaders in Jeju (CIFAL Jeju) in collaboration with the UNISDR's Office for Northeast Asia and Global Education Training Institute (UNISDR ONEA-GETI), and with UNDESA / United Nations Project Office on Governance (UNPOG) held a training workshop on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in the Asia-Pacific Region. 

The workshop brought together 38 representatives from public and private sectors, NGOs, and academic institutions from 19 countries including: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. 

Dynamic and interactive sessions took place throughout the workshop to facilitate the sharing of information on the concepts and current trends on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. The rest of the sessions served as a space to discuss, photo of participantsanalyze, and develop local disaster risk reduction plans, as well as to learn how to apply the Making Cities Resilient Campaign tools created by UNISDR. Towards the end of the workshop, participants also shared their own experiences, current issues, strengths, weaknesses, obstacles, and lessons learned by presenting case studies. 

photo of participantsOn the final day of the workshop, all the participants conducted a study visit to the National Institute of Meteorological Sciences based in Jeju, where they learned how climate change will affect the planet through the Earth-ON 3D Visualization System. Participants also visited Jeju Stone Park and the Women Divers’ Museum to learn about Jeju’s women divers and how they maintained a sustainable life. Workshop participants also experienced the Jeju local history and culture. The field visit concluded with a tour of Seopjikoji, located near Seong-san Sunrise Peak (UNESCO Heritage).

The workshop resource persons and facilitators included Mr. Sungdai Kim, Deputy Director at UNISDR ONEA-GETI, Mr. Hyoungseong Park, Researcher of the National Disaster Management Research Institute of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety in South Korea, Ms. Haiping Yu, Programme Officer and Mr. Merlin Lao, Programme Manager from ICLEI East Asia Secretariat, Ms. Ana Cristina Thorlund, Programme Officer at UNISDR’s ONEA-GETI, and Ms. Sara Castro-Hallgren, Programme Expert at UN-DESA/UNPOG.

Photo 1: Group photo of participants

Photo 2: Photo of participants

Photo 3: Photo of participants


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