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Cross-cutting issues are identified as topics that affect and cut across most or all aspects of sustainable development. These topics are encouraged to be integrated and mainstreamed throughout the whole process of development, such as design, implementation and evaluation.

To encourage national and local communities to adopt a cross-cutting lens throughout its development policies, CIFAL Jeju/JITC provides a diverse array of related training programs including peace and security, gender equality, global partnerships and more. As a subsidiary organ of the Jeju's International Peace Foundation(IPF), CIFAL Jeju/JITC is committed to emphasize the promotion of peaceful, secure and inclusive societies for sustainable development through our workshops.

[2022 April 20 ~ 27] Preventing and Responding to Gender-Based Violence (GBV) 기사를 twitter로 보내기 기사를 facebook으로 보내기 2022.05.18







CIFAL Jeju organises Virtual Workshop on

Preventing and Responding to Gender-Based Violence (GBV)


20 to 27 April 2022, Jeju, Republic of Korea – UNITAR CIFAL Jeju organized a Virtual Workshop on “Preventing and Responding to Gender-Based Violence(GBV)” from the 20th to the 27th of April 2022. The event invited 49 GBV and gender equality focal points from government, civil society, academia, the UN and international organizations of mainly the Asia-Pacific region. They came from 11 countries including: Fiji, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uganda, etc. 

The workshop provided the participants with a learning opportunity where the invited speakers, 

Youngsook Cho (Ambassador for Gender Equality of ROK, International Solidarity Center of Korean Women's Associations United), Alexandra Devine (University of Melbourne), Melissa Alvarado (UN Women Asia-Pacific), Mariam Torosyan (Impact Innovations Institute), Megan Smith (IOM Bangladesh), Farrah Kelly (UN Women Fiji), Saad Haroon (Rutgers Dance4 Life) shared extensive expertise on the topic of Gender-Based Violence (GBV), from the Challenges and Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific, Disability inclusion, Essential Social Services for Women and Girls Subject to Violence and best practices of response and prevention for GBV survivors. 

Through the workshop the participants were able to learn in-depth about practical tools to accelerate quality prevention and response services for women and girls, and have engaging discussions on how to implement innovative and key solutions. Building up on the lectures, participants worked as a group to develop and present an Action Plan on prevention and/or response for women and girls subject to Violence, showcasing their ideas to further improve their community and also develop professional networks with like-minded peers. 



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