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Best Practice Committee is held annually to select best practices from post workshop progresses submitted by the workshop participants and to award outstanding progresses as best practices. All the submitted post workshop progresses will be carefully reviewed by the committee members for best practices selection purposes.

Post Workshop Stories (2019~2021) 기사를 twitter로 보내기 기사를 facebook으로 보내기 2021.07.23

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Achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals through South-South and Triangular Cooperation

Post Workshop Stories



Workshop List 

◊ February 13 ~ 15, 2019 (Phenom Penh, Cambodia)

 Workshop on “Strengthening Planning and Development for Innovation Ecosystem and Entrepreneurship” 


◊ March 12 ~ 14, 2019 (Jeju, Republic of Korea)

 Workshop on “Integrated Solid Wastes Management (ISWM) based on Lifecycle Approach for Sustainable Urban Development” 


 ◊ November 19 ~ 22, 2019 (Phenom Penh, Cambodia) 

Workshop on “Community-Driven Development and SDGs”         


◊ August 9 ~ 11, 2020

 Online Workshop on “A Greener Future: Environmentally Sound Technologies (EST) for Sustainable Development” 


 ◊ February 19 ~ 24, 2021 

Online Workshop on “Localization of the SDGs: Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)-based Ways Forward”


Stories submitted by


 ◊ Maitrai Sharma, Nepal


 ◊ Emil Florence Gatmen, Philippines


 ◊ Vivek Trivedi, India


 ◊ Tha Pon, Cambodia


 ◊ Sharad Manandhar, Nepal


 ◊ Sanjaya Devkota, Nepal


 ◊ R Clarrio Dimassetya, Indonesia


 ◊ Nurudeen Musibau, Nigeria





Thank you all for the submission and sharing your wonderful experiences.




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