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[18th Youth Workshop] Life Below Water : Conserving and Sustainably using the Oceans and Marine Resources for Sustainable Development 기사를 twitter로 보내기 기사를 facebook으로 보내기 2022.01.03




18th YouthWorkshop

Youth and Life Below Water:
Conserving and Sustainably using the Oceans and Marine Resources forSustainable Development





UNITAR CIFAL Jeju/Jeju International Training Center has been organizing youth workshops on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since 2013 to empower young people to be an active agent for SDGs achievement by 2030. The workshop offers a unique learning opportunity for both Korean and international students in the Republic of Korea to apply the concepts of SDGs into practices and strengthen their capacities to be a global leader through various workshop modules including lectures, group work, discussion and presentation.

The theme of the 18th Youth Workshop is ‘Youth and Life Below Water: Conserving and Sustainably using the Oceans and Marine Resources for Sustainable Development’.

The UN has proclaimed 2021 to 2030, the ‘UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (Ocean Decade)’ in efforts to support global actions towards sustainable management of the ocean (reduce marine pollution, conserve coastal and marine areas, foster coastal economies’ growth,etc).

In correlation to the global movement, this four-day workshop aims to look back on the history of mankind and the oceans and look forward on how humans can utilize innovative solutions to foster a new chapter of saving our oceans. It’ll be comprised of a diverse variety of sessions including lectures, discussions, group work and more. It intends to connect the youth and oceans - to provide an opportunity for young people to understand, discuss and find solutions to conserve and sustain our waters. 







Date: 2022 February 7th (Mon) – 23rd (Wed)

Venue:  Online (All programs and activities will be delivered using the Zoomplatform.)

Learning Objectives


Understand the aims of SDG Goal 14: Life Below Water and the current challenges in conserving oceans and the social-economic impacts

- Explore creative ideas implemented and lessons learned by different stakeholders (government, international organizations, NGOs, academia, business, etc.) to tackle current challenges

- Identify the diverse roles of the youth in achieving SDG14

Target audience: 50 students residing in the Republicof Korea

This training is open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in college/university in the Republic of Korea (including both Korean and International Students) - fluent communication in English is necessary, as all programs will be held in English. 



Benefits and Awards

All Participants : UNITAR Participation Certificate and Souvenirs
   * Certificates will be awarded to onlythose who have completed all programs and activities



1st Rank (1 Group): Jeju Roundtrip Airplane Gift Ticket(KRW 200,000) & Award

2nd Rank (1 Group): Freitag Giftcard(KRW 60,000) & Award

3rd Rank (1 Group): Starbucks Giftcard(KRW 30,000) & Award

Programs and Activities 

*Specific Details on the Workshop can be found in the Concept Note attached. 


- Courses on SDG Goal 14: Life Below Water

- Networking Session with Youth Leaders in the International Development Field

- Group Activities: Social Media Content Development and Presentation

Individual Activity : One Page Case Study on SDG14 by February 7th

- Access to UNITAR (UNTraining and Research institute) Lectures



    Registration Deadline

    Please register by January 24, 2022 (Monday) 23:59 KST through the following link.  

    Selected Participants will be notified through email by January 27, 2022 (Thursday)



    UNITAR제주국제연수센터는 미래세대의 주역인 청년을 위한 지속가능발전목표(SDGs) 워크숍을 2013년부터 개최하고 있습니다. 이번 제 18차 청년워크숍의 주제는 ‘청년과 해양생태계 보존'로서 참가자들은 SDG14(해양생태계 보존)에 대한 기본적인 이해와 함께 지속가능한 발전을 위한 대양, 바다, 해양자원의 지속가능한 이용과 보전의 중요성과 방안에 대해 탐구하고, 이의 실천을 위한 청년의 가능성과 역할에 대해 토론할 것입니다.


    참가 신청을 위해서는 아래 링크에 접속하여 온라인 신청서를 제출해주세요 (마감: 2022년 1월 24일(월)). 그 밖의 세부사항은 첨부된 모집 공고(Concept Note)를 참고 바라며 국내에 거주하는 내, 외국인 학생들의 많은 참여를 바랍니다.


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