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Youth Workshop
Raising the youth's interest in the local and global issues and empowering them to act for change has become the top priorities in the international community. Implementing 17 aspirational goals of UN requires active participation of the youth as they are the leaders of the future. CIFAL Jeju/JITC establishes a ground for the youth to freely express their views on the current social challenges and find solutions for the problems, ranging from the local issues such as eco-tourism of Jeju to the major global challenges such as sustainable community development.
Jeju Youth Forum
The event is aimed to promote Jeju to the world, and to locally grow talented people and global leaders by teaching them about the cultures of other countries. Participating students will take in in-depth discussion about global issues such as gender issue, renewable energy and hunger and peacebuilding. This Forum is also designed to provide a unique opportunity for students from all over the world to contribute to vitalization of city diplomacy by building a hub of social networking for future global leaders and to enhance their cultural understanding of each other.

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